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Adnan Ahmed is a Video Editor, Content Creator on YouTube (Youtuber), and a Graphic Designer. I was Born on June 21, 2008 in Newark, NJ and raised in Hillside, NJ. I make Video Edits for Fun and Entertainment.


During the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, I originally made self-made (Personal) Memes with screenshots of a Nickelodeon Show "The Mighty B!". But on August 2021, I stopped making memes and began My interest in Video Edits starting with Screencastify or Renderforest. I Technically put my edits on my Google Drive and after that, I Had that full interest in Clipchamp for Future Edits.


I've been using Canva since I was a Middle Schooler (NOTE: I used to go to Walter O. Krumbiegel Middle School and I was an 8th Grader at that time.) We were using it for an Assignment for Multimedia Class. But after that, I'm still using Canva to this day for Concept/Graphic Designing Purposes only.


When I Was Using Canva, I was making a Logo with only using the "Paramount" Logo and began adding Text with the Scrapped Concept logo "Prime Toonz: By Paramount". I Changed it again as "Paramount Toon Zone" and that was used Personally for Testing. in September of 2022, I was planning on making a parody of YouTube Rewind. So I Started of with Naming it "PTZ Replay" and the first one was Going to be on Clips of Nickelodeon shows or Other pieces of Media, But unfortunately, The Project won't be happening because making a YouTube Rewind Parody is a lot of work and a lot of sources to find, so I Stopped. But I still used the "PTZ Replay" Name for My YouTube Channel to this day. 


I Orignally made my YouTube Channel back in Late 2022 I Post Videos on Clips from TV Shows or Movies for Enjoyment (NOTE: The Original was Called "PTZ Replay (UNOFFICIAL) 2022-23), But On January 10, 2023, I Made a Huge Mistake by Deleting My Videos (I don't know how to bring those videos back, it's permanently gone) and I have to Delete my Previous Channel on on the same day of the Accident I Made, I updated my Channel By Reuploading some stuff from My Previously-deleted Channel and onto that Channel and adding New Stuff to My Channel.


Full Name: Adnan Ahmed

Date of Birth: June 21, 2008

Birthplace: Newark, NJ (Newark Beth Israel)

Current Residence: Hillside, NJ

Age: 14

Gender/Sex: Male

Current Alma Mater: Hillside High School (Hillside, NJ)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Additional Info: A Person who also Studies Islam.